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December 3, 2017

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The Value.

July 6, 2018

Oh hello dear friends.

Good morning.


Here is a little bit of my heart. May it warm yours as you read.


Lately, I've been thinking a great deal about the value of photography - of a single photograph.


I know... I'm sure you're thinking, "Well duh... You're a photographer! Of course you value it." And you're right! I've always said the photographs from your wedding will last a lifetime. They will stand as a legacy for future generations to look to. They will be a reminder of the commitment between a man & a wife. &I still stand by these words but I've been wrestling with a deeper purpose and importance that lies inside of a single photograph. 


Well this summer I have been working full-time as a wedding photographer. I spend countless hours at coffee shops and cafes staring at my laptop pouring my heart and vision into each wedding. At times, I find myself mindlessly editing and scrolling through each photo forgetting the value the soon-to-be receivers of the photographs will place on them. They will see their great-grandma smiling during the toast or the last time a loved one is photographed before their time on earth is up. The bride and groom will see college best friends back together again after years of being apart or families coming together in harmony for the first time in awhile. Tears will form as the bride sees four generations of strong women standing together. They will know the stories behind each smiling face and tear-filled eye. 


What an honor it is to photograph these precious and sacred moments. My heart swells with awe as I think about the incredible privilege I have. 


So as I edit your wedding, know that I am praying over you - the bride & groom - but also for the other faces that will appear in your gallery. I'm praying that families are strengthened, marriages restored, healing occurs, hope renewed, and that these simple photographs will bring joy, laughter, and peace to all who see them. 


With that being said, please enjoy Katie&Todd Dickey's wedding gallery! I loved capturing each moment and laughing alongside them. Despite the downpour of rain, their love for each other and the Lord was so evident. And may you look a little longer at each photograph and each face to see a deeper value. 


Katie&Todd - Thank you for allowing me to join your special day & capture these beautiful moments. Thank you for loving each other and choosing to say "yes" forever. May God bless your marriage and draw each of you closer to Him! 


Only by His Strength,

Alena Hope